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Name:Let's Play!
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Community description:A community for those who keep up with Let's Plays
Welcome to [community profile] letsplay!

What is a Let's Play (LP)?
A Let's Play is a playthrough of a game, usually with commentary, that someone has recorded through video or screenshots and posted on the internet for others to view.

Why would I want to watch/read that?
The primary purpose of LPs is to allow those who do not have the ability to play a game to experience it anyway. However, many people enjoy LPs even though they've already played the game in question. Good LPers often offer funny or informative commentary, and work to show off every aspect of a game, including optional ones.

Where can I find LPs?
LPs originated on Something Awful's forums, but there are now a variety of places you can find them:
SA's Let's Play Forum
Let's Play Archive
Penny Arcade's Games and Technology Forum
Let's Play Forum

What is the purpose of this community?
This community is for people to post about LPs, obviously. Recommend you favorites, ask if someone's found a good LP of a certain game, spotlight especially entertaining videos, advertise LPs of your own, etc.

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